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Application in Coatings

Main performance improvements:

Improve adhesion


Chemical resistant

Improve pigment and filler dispersion


When used in coatings paints, silane can play following roles:

As primer to improve the adhesion between substrate and coating;

Improving the dispersion of pigment or filler in both solvent based coatings and waterborne coatings;

Modifying coating resin to get new functions:

Silane is used as an additive to improve adhesion ability, making the coatings&paints bond to different substrates. Silanes will not only reduces the corrosion and peeling of paint film in wet environment, but also improve the scratch resistance and environmental resistance.

Silane is widely used in acrylic resin, epoxy resin and polyurethane coatings. It is effective in solvent based, high solid and water-based coatings. Silanes can be used not only as primer and additive, but also act as pigment dispersant and adhesive in coatings&paints, firmly combining various inorganic pigments and fillers with matrix resins. As pigment&filler dispersant, they can reduce the viscosity of the coatings&paints, improve the dispersion of the filler, thus improving the the durability and brushing of the coating&paint

Application in Coatings