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22 Mar.

The Marvels of Single-Phase Immersed Dielectric Coolant

Published on Mar. 22, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology, the application of single-phase immersed dielectric coolant has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the thermal management systems in various sectors. Let's delve into the features, applications, and groundbreaking practices that make this coolant a pivotal player in the world of modern engineering.

Single-phase Immersed Dielectric Coolant


1. Features That Set the Stage

Chemical Inertness


Imagine a coolant that doesn't react with its surroundings. Single-phase immersed dielectric coolant boasts ideal chemical inertness, ensuring stability and reliability in diverse environments.


Excellent Thermal Conductivity


Efficient heat transfer is a cornerstone of effective thermal management. This coolant excels in thermal conductivity, facilitating rapid heat dissipation and maintaining optimal operating temperatures.


Best Electrical Insulation Properties


The coolant's exceptional electrical insulation properties provide a protective shield against potential electrical malfunctions, ensuring the safety and reliability of the systems it serves.


Oxidation Stability


With excellent oxidation stability, the coolant withstands the test of time, contributing to the longevity and durability of the systems it is applied.


Good System Compatibility


Versatility is key in engineering solutions. This coolant exhibits good compatibility with various systems, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.


2. Versatile Applications

Thermal Management in Hybrid Vehicles


In hybrid vehicles, the coolant finds application in fuel engine lubricants, motor cooling oil, gearbox oil, and grease, ensuring efficient and reliable operation across multiple components.


Thermal Management in Pure Electric Vehicles


For pure electric vehicles, the coolant takes on the roles of battery cooling oil, transmission system lubricants, grease, and motor cooling oil, contributing to the optimal performance of electric drivetrains.


3. Power Battery Immersion Thermal Management: A Trailblazing Practice


Volvo-Total Practice


On June 7th, 2022, Total Energies introduced the world to the Volvo XC 90, the first-ever immersed battery thermal management electric vehicle. This groundbreaking achievement marked a shift in the paradigm of electric vehicle design and set the stage for future innovations.


Traditional Cooling vs. Immersion Cooling


The conventional cooling methods faced various challenges, including slow charging, increased costs, added vehicle weight, short battery life, and thermal runaway issues. Enter immersion cooling, offering super-fast charging, reduced vehicle costs, decreased weight, extended battery life, and a significant reduction in thermal runaway incidents.


4. Single-Phase Immersion Fluid Cooling: A Fast-Charging Revolution


The introduction of 800V super-fast charging is poised to transform the charging experience. Single-phase immersion fluid cooling plays a pivotal role in reducing charging times and addressing user concerns about prolonged waits during the charging process.


5. Functions at a Glance

The Marvels of Single-Phase Immersed Dielectric Coolant 


Improved Heat Conduction Efficiency


This coolant enhances heat conduction efficiency, leading to reduced battery temperatures, decreased temperature differences, and simultaneous heat dissipation.


Comprehensive Heat Dissipation Solution


Addressing the overall challenge of heat dissipation, the coolant benefits battery systems, motor systems, and power electronics.


Enhanced Security Measures


Ensuring safety, the coolant minimizes the impact of cell breakdown, and acupuncture of the core, and eliminates the risk of fire after battery core breakdown.


Mileage Anxiety Reduction


Tailored for super-fast charging, this coolant not only reduces fast charging time but also alleviates concerns about electric vehicle range, contributing to a more comfortable user experience.


A Sustainable Approach


The coolant's non-toxic and biodegradable nature, coupled with its minimal impact on global warming and independent large-scale production, aligns seamlessly with sustainability goals. Moreover, it poses no corrosion threat to equipment.


In conclusion


The application of single-phase immersed dielectric coolant represents a leap forward in thermal management technology, promising efficiency, safety, and sustainability. As the automotive industry embraces innovations like Volvo's immersed battery thermal management, the role of such coolants in shaping the future of transportation cannot be overstated.


For more information on incorporating this revolutionary coolant into your systems, feel free to contact us and explore the possibilities with a trusted supplier. Your journey towards enhanced efficiency and sustainability awaits!