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Other Specialty Silicone Fluids/Specialty Silicone Oils
Other Specialty Silicone Fluids/Specialty Silicone Oils

Specialty silicone fluids/oils offer tailored solutions across industries. With unique characteristics like thermal stability, dielectric properties, and viscosity control, they optimize performance in lubrication, cosmetics, electronics, and more, addressing specific needs for enhanced efficiency and product quality. 

OSi Silicone's specialty silicone fluids and oils offer a wide range of advanced solutions for various industrial applications. These specialty products are designed to enhance performance, improve efficiency, and provide unique benefits across multiple industries, from coatings and textiles to agriculture and beyond. Let's take some typical products to explore in detail:

Polyether-Modified Silicon Leveling Agent

The polyether-modified silicone leveling agent from OSi Silicone is designed to increase leveling, wetting, and gloss in paints and inks, while also improving release performance in polyurethane applications. This agent prevents floating, shrinkage, pinholes, and pits caused by high moisture, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish. Additionally, it reduces friction and increases slip, enhancing scratch resistance and providing excellent anti-cratering properties. This versatile agent is compatible with various systems, including UV cure, solvent-based coatings, and water-based applications, making it a valuable addition to any formulation seeking enhanced durability and performance.

Amino Silicone Oil for Chemical Fiber

OSi Silicone’s amino silicone oil is particularly suited for chemical fibers, offering outstanding softness and smoothness. This linear amino-modified silicone has excellent adsorption properties on various blended fabrics, such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon. It enhances the tactile properties of textiles, providing a luxurious feel while maintaining the durability and resilience of the fibers. This makes it an ideal choice for fabric softening and finishing in the textile industry, ensuring high-quality results and enhanced user comfort.

Oil Soluble Spreader

Our alkyl-modified trisiloxane is an oil-soluble spreader designed to improve the spreading properties of agricultural oils. By increasing the coverage on foliar surfaces, it enhances the efficiency and delivery of oil-based pesticide formulations. This product is compatible with most organic oils and provides a low pour point, making it easy to handle and apply. Its ability to lower the surface tension of oils results in better surface coverage and penetration, making it a highly effective solution for agricultural applications.

Hydroxyl-Terminated Polyether Modified Silicone Fluid

This versatile silicone fluid offers improved fiber lubrication and compatibility with organic lubricants, making it easier to clean than average silicones. It enhances wear resistance and fluidity in fabric coatings and can be used in various applications, including synthetic fiber treatment and organic polymer formulations. Its ability to impart antistatic properties and improve hydrolytic stability makes it an essential additive for enhancing the performance and longevity of coatings and lubricants.

Organosilicone Adjuvant

One of the earliest commercial agricultural organosilicon adjuvants, this product from OSi Silicone offers super spreadability, reducing the surface tension of liquids and expanding their coverage area. It accelerates the absorption of pesticide solutions by leaf stomata, making it resistant to rainwater erosion and improving the utilization rate of pesticides. This adjuvant helps reduce environmental pollution by minimizing pesticide waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice for agricultural applications.

Mercerized Wool Smooth Mixed Oil

OSi Silicone's modified polysiloxane softener provides fabrics with a persistent, washable soft, smooth, and fluffy feel. It offers good integrated hand feeling and stability, making it suitable for use in hand finishing of wool/acrylic and wool/polyester blends. This product enhances the tactile properties of fabrics, ensuring a high-quality finish that remains durable and comfortable through repeated washings.

Overall, we have a large array of unique silicone fluids and oils to meet various industrial and agricultural needs. Choose OSi Silicone's specialty silicone fluids and oils to elevate your product formulations and achieve superior performance across various applications. Whether you need enhanced durability, improved spreading properties, or superior tactile qualities, OSi Silicone has the solution to meet your needs.

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