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Silicates are a family of minerals composed of silicon, oxygen, and various other elements. Silicates are highly versatile and have a wide range of industrial applications. In the realm of material engineering, OSi's silicates have emerged as silent architects, reshaping the landscape of coatings, casting, and beyond. These versatile silicates, concealed in storage-stable liquids, harbor a host of remarkable features that transcend industries, unlocking a symphony of benefits for various applications.

As a leading silicates supplier and wholesaler, OSi Holding Limited sources low-cost chemicals from around the world to provide our customers with high-quality Silicates. OSi leverages our buying power and extensive chemical network to offer customers a competitive advantage in pricing and supply chain management.

Silicates Features

● thermal and chemical stability

● electrical insulation

● flame resistance

Crafted for versatility, OSI silicates boast a high silica content, making them potent binders and crosslinking agents. Stored as low-viscous liquids, these silicates exhibit a high flash point, ensuring stability and safety in various environments. The magic happens upon alkaline or acid-catalyzed hydrolysis, where reactive binders are born through intricate hydrolysis and condensation reactions, forming polymeric SiO2 structures. Click to learn more.

Silicates Applications Across Industries

Silicates are used in various industries such as construction, ceramics, textiles, and personal care. The world market for silicates is growing continuously. It is forecasted to reach about $ 6.5 billion by 2025, with detergents accounting for around one-quarter of the market. At present, precipitated silica is the fastest-growing market for car tire production.

● In construction: silicates are used as binders, sealants, and adhesives.

● In the textile industry: they are used as sizing agents and flame retardants,

● In personal care products: they are used as thickening agents and emulsifiers.

● In Coatings and Corrosion Protection: The binding prowess of these silicates finds its zenith in zinc-rich anti-corrosive coatings. Acting as binders, they create durable and anti-corrosive films, a shield against the relentless forces of nature. Shop primers, fortified with these silicates, become defenders of metal surfaces, ensuring longevity and resilience.

● In Precision Casting and Ceramic Production: Precision casting, a delicate art, finds a companion in these silicates. Whether in the creation of ceramic shells or cores, their role as binders ensures structural integrity and stability. The silicates become architects, shaping intricate forms with precision and reliability.

● In Silicone Rubber Enhancement: The journey extends to the realm of silicone rubber, where our silicates play a pivotal role as crosslinking agents. Silicone elastomers, fortified by their touch, exhibit enhanced resilience and performance, opening doors to applications demanding flexibility and durability.

● Elevating Substrates: A thin SiO2 film, born from the hydrolysis process, becomes the secret weapon in enhancing the chemical, mechanical, and heat-resistant properties of substrates. Glass, ceramics, and metal - all undergo a metamorphosis, embracing newfound strength and endurance.

The use of silicates is diverse - the spectrum spans from bleach in the paper industry to additives in detergents, paints, building materials, cosmetics, tires and construction chemicals. Furthermore, silicon can be processed with potassium into environmentally friendly fertilizer, with the potential to improve plant growth and increase yield and crop quality by up to 25%. Contact us today for your application needs.

Silicate Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesaler

OSi Holding Limited is where to buy silicate wholesale.  One of OSi's key strengths is offering chemicals in a large variety of concentrations, in bulk, in multiple package sizes as well as in multiple grades. We're here to help you with all your chemical needs.

As a trusted manufacturer and wholesaler to a large array of industries, OSi supplies Silicate to various companies for a variety of applications and uses. Our customers depend on OSi for high quality products, a consistent and cost-effective supply of Silicate.  OSi has a team dedicated to ensuring the quality of the Silicate we supply.

OSi offers standard commercial grades of silicates around the world. Order now!

Invest in Innovation:

Our silicates are not mere compounds; they are catalysts for innovation, opening avenues for material engineers to sculpt the future of their creations. Whether in the protective embrace of anti-corrosive coatings, the precision of casting, or the resilience of silicone rubber, these silicates are the unsung heroes, transforming materials into masterpieces.

In the symphony of material transformation, OSi silicates conduct a harmonious blend of features and benefits, offering a melody of possibilities for industries seeking excellence in coatings, casting, and material enhancement. So embrace the future of material engineering with our Silicates - where innovation meets reliability.

Learn more about how we can be your top silicates supplier and distributor, and contact us and request a quote today.

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