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OSi ViOSil

Chemical Name: Vinyl Terminated polydimethylsiloxane

Discover the perfect fit for your industrial needs with our Custom Vinyl Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane. Engineered for excellence, our customizable silicone oil delivers unmatched performance and versatility across various applications. Explore tailored solutions designed to elevate your operations to new heights of efficiency and success.


Vinyl silicone fluid by OSI, a professional silicone products manufacturer, includes vinyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane, vinyl-terminated polymethyl vinyl siloxane, and vinyl phenyl silicone fluid. Different viscosities, vinyl content and phenyl contents are available upon request. 

Product Description

Chemical Name: Vinyl Terminated polydimethylsiloxane

OSi ViOSil is a vinyl end-blocked silicone polymer with the structure below where x = 46:

Custom Vinyl Silicone Oil


The vinyl functionality of ViOSil provides a reactive site for cross-linking by ultraviolet or heat-accelerated free radical cross-linking reactions. ViOSil is compatible with dimethyl silicone fluids and with aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents. 

Typical Technical Data

The values below are not intended for use in preparing specifications. Please confirm with us prior to writing specifications on this product.

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Flash Point (P.M.C.C.): >200°F

Refractive index (25℃): 1.3950-1.4120

Specific Gravity (25℃): 0.94-0.98

Active ingredient: 100%

Heavy metal ion content: ≤10ppm

Volatile 150℃,3h,%: ≤1

Usage and Dosage:

· As additive agent: 5%-10%

· As basic material: 50-%-100%

Apart from the above typical properties, the product can also be customized according to customer requirements of various viscosity specifications of vinyl silicone oil. Custom Vinyl Terminated polydimethylsiloxane now!

Vinyl Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane Applications:

This product is a double vinyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane with good quality and low volatile:

1. The filler of silicone rubber, to increase the hardness and intensity.

2. The main material for LSR, is thermal-forming silicone rubber and LED pouring sealant.

3. React with polyurethane, acrylic acid, and other organ material, and it can be made for more outstanding new material (e.g. coating).

Custom Vinyl Silicone Oil

OSI Custom Vinyl Silicone Oil is a tailor-made solution crafted to meet your unique industrial needs with precision and excellence. Engineered with advanced technology and expertise, this specialized silicone oil offers exceptional performance across a wide range of applications.

Our Custom Vinyl Silicone Oil boasts superior quality and versatility, making it ideal for various industries including automotive, electronics, textiles, and more. Whether you require enhanced lubrication, improved thermal stability, or superior electrical insulation, our customizable formula ensures optimal results tailored to your specific requirements.

Experience unmatched reliability and efficiency with our Custom Vinyl Silicone Oil. Contact us today to discuss your customization options and elevate your operations to new heights of performance and success.

Safety & Storage

  • Customers should review the latest MSDS and label for product safety information, safe handling instructions, personal protective equipment if necessary, and any special storage conditions required for safety. MSDS is available at your request.

  • Vinly-terminated dimethylpolysiloxane has a shelf life of a year in a dry and cool place if in the original unopened package. It still can be used after retesting if expired.

  • This is a kind of active material that is easy to react with other products, so pay attention to mixing with other products in the transport. Shipped as non-hazardous materials.


190kg steel drum or 950kg IBC tote

Custom Vinyl Silicone Oil Parameter

Product CodeViscosity 25℃ mpa.sVinyl Mol%
OSi ViO Sil2020±22.5-2.9
OSi ViO Sil110110±251.06-0.03
OSi ViO Sil210210±200.70-0.03
OSi ViO Sil245245±150.63-0.03
OSi ViO Sil300300±150.57-0.03
OSi ViO Sil420420±200.47-0.02
OSi ViO Sil500500±250.43-0.02
OSi ViO Sil10001000±500.32-0.02
OSi ViO Sil20002000±1000.23-0.01
OSi ViO Sil50005000±2500.16-0.01
OSi ViO Sil1000010000±10000.12-0.01
OSi ViO Sil100000100000±5000.12-0.01
OSi ViO Sil200000200000±10000.1±0.01
OSi ViO Sil10000001000000±50000.06-0.01


This technical data sheet is only used for internal quality control within OSi Holding Limited.

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