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Why we are founded
& Who we are

OSi Holding Limited was founded to develop specialty performance materials especially for specialty silanes, silicones and PU, UV chemicals for coatings, adhesives & sealants worldwide by some professional international businessmen, experts and technicians with long-term team work experience & expertise as the foreign clients’ eyes in China since 2012.

OSi Holding Limited
200 chemical material
Covering China and setting up 4 office locations
Import and export transactions in more than seven countries
More than 15 years of operation and development experience
What we do
As a professional private joint-venture holdings group enterprise on R&D, manufacture and sales of silicone series fine chemicals, these guys, who with an entrepreneurial spirit & skilled engineer-thinking in our OSi Specialties Div.
OSi Holding Limited3
OSi Holding Limited3

OSi Holding limited is engaged in supplying, designing and developing various specialty silicone oils/oils and silicone resins/polymers, such as modified silicone oils, HO-silicone polymers, modified silicone polymers (or MS polymers, STPE/SPUR polymers ), hydrogen-containing silicone, fluorosilicone and functional silanes, such as isocyanate silane, silane adhesion promoter, silane coupling agent, silane crosslinking agent, silane moisture scavenger, silane water repellent, silane surface modifier, Silane polypropylene catalyst "donor" and some other specialty silanes.

How we do
Base on above strengths and advantages, we can provide a better service with competitive price focusing on coatings, adhesives, sealants and composites.
How we do1

We have skilled and experienced product manager, sales specialist and logistics service operators who have export & import experience for specialty chemicals to Russia, US, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, the Republic of Korea, Thailand and so on.We are expert in general chemicals and hazardous chemicals handling.

With 4 office sites located in Qingdao(North China), Zhengzhou(Central China), Hefei/Nanjing(East China), Foshan(South China), and warehouse in Qingdao, Hefei, Foshan, we, the guys who have more than 14 years work background in specialty chemicals especially in silicone & silane liquid and solid materials, can serve our partners better than single office & warehouse companies in special situation.

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