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Specialty Silicones
Specialty Silicones

OSi Holding Limited is a premier silicone oil factory in China. Explore our top-quality Silicone Oil for Sale, meticulously crafted to elevate your processes. Partner with us for a silicone solution that sets industry standards.

What Is Silicone Oil/Fluid?

A silicone oil(Silicone Fluid,Silikon Oil) is any liquid polymerized siloxane with organic side chains. The most important member is polydimethylsiloxane. These polymers are of commercial interest because of their relatively high thermal stability and their lubricating properties.

Silicone Oil/Fluid Properties

Siloxane bonds have very strong bonding energy and are not easily broken. Therefore, silicone oil has an excellent heat resistance and weather resistance and is also chemically extremely stable. Another characteristic is that the amount of change in viscosity due to temperature change is also small. Because of this property, silicone oil is also used in instrument oil and other oils that utilize the viscosity of oil, such as in automobiles and railroad vehicles.Another feature of silicone oil is that its surface tension is much smaller than that of water or general synthetic oils, allowing silicone oil to spread on the surface of various substances without being repelled. Silicon oil has many other unique properties and is used in a wide variety of applications. Click to learn more.

Types of Silicone Oil/Fluid

Type of Silicone Oil/FluidMain CharacteristicsCommon Applications
Fluorosilicone Fluids/OilsExcellent resistance to fuels, oils, and solvents. High thermal stability.Aerospace, automotive, and other applications requiring resistance to harsh environments.
Vinyl Silicone Fluids/OilsGood thermal stability, flexibility, and electrical properties.Electronics, medical devices, and applications requiring flexibility and electrical insulation.
Polyether Modified Silicone Fluids/OilsEnhanced stability and versatility due to polyether modification.Industrial lubrication, mold release agents, and applications requiring improved stability.
Phenyl Silicone Fluids/OilsExceptional high-temperature stability and oxidative resistance.Aerospace, automotive, and applications requiring high-temperature performance.
Hydroxyl Silicone Fluids/Hydroxyl Silicone OilImproved adhesion and surface modification.Coatings, adhesives, and applications requiring enhanced adhesion.
Hydrogen Silicone Fluids/OilsReactive functionality for crosslinking and polymerization.Sealants, adhesives, and applications requiring crosslinking and polymerization.
Dimethicone/PolydimethylsiloxaneVersatile silicone polymer with lubricating and emollient properties.Personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and industrial applications.
Silyl Terminated Polymer/Silane Terminated PolymerReactive polymers for adhesion and polymerization.Adhesives, sealants, and applications requiring reactive interfaces.
Liquid Silicone RubberDynamic material suitable for injection molding.Medical devices, automotive components, and flexible part manufacturing.

Each type of silicone oil offers unique characteristics suited to specific applications. Whether you need thermal stability, flexibility, adhesion, or reactive functionality, there's a silicone oil that fits your requirements. Request a free quote.

What Is Silicone Oil/Fluid Used for?

Silicon oil is used in manufacturing and industrial applications. This includes electrical insulating oil, lubricating oil, and anti-vibration oil, as well as cosmetics, anti-foaming agents, and water-repellent treatments for textiles and glass. Silicone fluid in the textile and apparel industry can be used as fabric softening agent, lubricant, waterproofing agent, finishing agent, etc..

Advantages of Silicone Fluid

(1) The viscosity and temperature performance is the best among liquid lubricants, and the viscosity changes little in wide temperature range. Its freezing point is generally less than -50℃, some are as high as -70℃, and its oil appearance and viscosity do not change when stored for a long time at low temperature, it is a base oil that can take into account high temperature, low temperature and wide temperature range.

(2) Excellent thermal oxidation stability, such as thermal decomposition temperature >300℃, small evaporation loss (150℃, 30 days, evaporation loss is only 2%), oxidation test (200℃, 72h), small changes in viscosity and acid value.

(3) excellent electrical insulation, volume resistance, etc. does not change in the range of room temperature ~ 130 ℃ (but the oil can not contain water).

(4) It is a non-toxic and low foaming, strong anti-foaming oil, can be used as antifoaming agent, etc.

(5) Excellent shear stability, has the function of absorbing vibration and preventing vibration transmission, and can be used as vibration damping fluid.

Safety of Silicon Oil

Silicon oil is a physiologically inert substance. It has almost no skin irritation, eye irritation, or acute toxicity and is harmless unless ingested in large quantities. However, when heated to a temperature of 150°C or higher in an air atmosphere, a small amount of harmful formaldehyde may be produced.

At OSi Holding Limited, we not only offer Silicone Oil for Sale but an experience tailored to your unique needs. As a silicone fluids supplier, OSi is able to assist you in all your needs. Contact us today for more questions or to request a quote.

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