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Phenyl Silicone Fluids / Phenyl Silicone Oils
Phenyl Silicone Fluids / Phenyl Silicone Oils

Phenyl silicone fluid is a type of silicone oil containing phenyl groups in its structure. It offers excellent high-temperature stability, low surface tension, and dielectric properties. Commonly used in high-temperature lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and as a release agent in various industrial applications.

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◎ Chemical Name: Phenyl Silicone Fluid

◎ Other Names: Phenyl Silicone Oil,Phenyl methyl polysiloxane, Phenyl methyl siloxane, Polyphenylmethylsiloxane, Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil, Methyl Phenyl Silicone Fluid

◎ CAS NO.: 63148-52-7

◎ Molecular Formula:  (CH3)3SiO[(C6H5)2SiO]m[(CH3)2SiO]nSi(CH3)3

◎ Appearance:Colorless oily liquid

◎ Physical & Chemical Properties: With excellent electrical insulating properties, resistance to ozone and corona, and moisture-resistant hydrophobic properties; small viscosity-temperature coefficient and surface tension, good shear resistance and large compression; used for insulation, lubricant, for damping; shock-, moisture-, and dust-proof; high-temperature hydraulic oil and heat carrier.

Phenyl Silicone Fluids/Oils Features:

1. Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures (-70 ~ 300C)

2. Low volatility

3. Excellent heat transfer characteristics

4. Flat viscosity temperature curve

5. Good compressibility

6. Good oxidation and radiation resistance

7. Good miscibility with organic resin

Phenyl Silicone Fluids/Oils Application:

1. As lubricant:

◎ Base oil for high temperature greases.

◎ Lubricating oil for high temperature instruments.

◎ Impregnating oil for the use in high ambient temperatures.

2. As heat transfer medium:

◎ Heat-treating baths for specialty metals.

◎ Heat exchange fluid for research apparatus and instrument calibration baths.

◎ Heat transfer oil in capacitors, transformers and various electronics.

3. As thermostat fluid:

◎ Suitable for the use in thermostat systems which should be kept clean

4. As insulating oil:

◎ Suitable for the use under high pressure as an insulating oil

How to Use Phenyl Silicone Oil Correctly?

◎ Proper Dispensing: Ensure accurate dispensing of Phenyl Silicone Oil, measuring the required quantity for the intended application. Use precision tools to avoid overuse.

◎ Surface Preparation: Clean and prepare the surface effectively before applying Phenyl Silicone Oil. A clean, dry surface enhances the oil's adherence and performance.

◎ Uniform Application: Apply the phenyl silicone oil uniformly across the target surface. Use appropriate tools like brushes or sprayers to achieve consistency and prevent uneven coating.

◎ Avoid Contamination: Prevent contamination by using clean containers and tools. Contaminants can affect the properties of the phenyl silicone oil and compromise its performance.

◎ Follow Application Guidelines: Adhere to manufacturer guidelines and recommended application procedures. Different formulations may have specific instructions for optimal results.

◎ Monitoring and Maintenance: Regularly monitor the treated surface, especially in industrial settings. Perform maintenance as needed, reapplying Phenyl Silicone Oil to sustain its protective and lubricating properties over time.

Phenyl Silicone Oil Manufacturer and Supplier | OSI

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If you have questions about phenyl silicone fluids or oils , please contact us.

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