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08 Mar.

OSi Holding Limited's Breakthrough in Thermal Gap Fillers

Published on Mar. 08, 2024

In the dynamic realm of thermal interface materials, OSi Holding Limited stands as a technological trailblazer, reshaping the landscape of thermal management through innovative developments in thermal gap fillers. Confronted with the challenge of achieving a delicate balance between thermal conductivity, hardness, and processability, OSi Holding Limited has surmounted these limitations by elevating the dual performance of high thermal conductivity and high flexibility to unprecedented heights through a series of groundbreaking technological innovations.


OSi Holding Limited's Breakthrough in Thermal Gap Fillers

OSiTC-A36 Thermal Gap Filler

Engineering Excellence: OSi's Thermal Silicone Pads

At the heart of OSi Holding Limited's technological prowess lies the use of independently developed organic silicone resin and a distinctive interpenetrating network structure in their thermal silicone pads. The strategic avoidance of low-molecular-weight silicone oils contributes to a reduction in material hardness. This ingenious approach allows for a high filling ratio with high-molecular-weight structures while introducing small-molecular-weight network structures, enhancing material flexibility without compromising thermal performance. The result is a thermal interface material boasting improved heat resistance and durability, with minimal risk of exudation.


Boron Nitride-Alumina Composite Technology

OSi Holding Limited further demonstrates its commitment to innovation with the development of boron nitride-alumina composite technology. Leveraging the synergistic effects of layered boron nitride and spherical alumina, this groundbreaking approach significantly enhances thermal conductivity while concurrently reducing material density. The optimized combination of these components not only improves thermal performance but also minimizes the use of alumina, contributing to an overall reduction in product density.


Revolutionary Compression Molding Technique

OSi Holding Limited's expertise shines through the implementation of a unique compression molding technique, enabling the production of ultra-soft thermal pads. Developed using metal oxide and boron nitride, these soft pads exemplify OSi's commitment to creating versatile and high-performance thermal interface materials. Importantly, all models of their thermal silicone pads are devoid of metallic components, ensuring both insulation and flame-retardant properties.


OSiTC-A36: Redefining Thermal Gap Fillers

One standout product from OSi Holding Limited is the OSiTC-A36 Thermal Gap Filler, positioned as a viable alternative to thermal silicone grease in certain applications. This product competes favorably with or surpasses Tflex-HD90000, showcasing OSi's unparalleled research and development capabilities. The OSiTC-A36 is a part of the High Deflection series, combining impressive 9.5 W/mK thermal conductivity with superior pressure versus deflection characteristics. This unique combination minimizes stress on components, resulting in lower thermal resistance and reduced mechanical stresses within devices.


Conclusion: OSi's Research and Development Prowess

In conclusion, OSi Holding Limited's dedication to innovation in thermal interface materials is evident through their remarkable advancements in thermal silicone pads, boron nitride-alumina composites, and compression molding techniques. The OSiTC-A36 Thermal Gap Filler, with its ability to replace thermal silicone grease in specific scenarios, underscores the company's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that outperform industry standards. As the industry looks towards the future of thermal management, OSi Holding Limited stands as a testament to research and development excellence, shaping the possibilities of thermal interface materials.