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Phenyl Silanes
Phenyl Silanes

Phenyl Silanes(Phenyl Silane,Phenyl Functional Silanes,Phenyl Trimethoxy Silane,Phenylsilanes) are a group of functional silanes with a phenyl group and an alkoxy group. The phenyl group enables OSI phenyl silanes to be utilized and perform excellently under high temperature. For high temperature silicone polymer synthesis, phenylsilanes can replace other functional silanes to act as crosslinking agents. Phenyl silanes are also used as electron donors in polypropylene polymerization.

OSI has been a worldwide leading supplier of organosilanes for over 10 years. OSI Phenylsilanes are used to synthesize phenyl silicone oil, phenyl silicone resin and phenyl silicone rubber. OSI phenylsilanes can also be used for resin modification to provide high and low-temperature resistance, radiation resistance and aging resistance. OSI phenylsilanes are used as a silylation reagent.

Key Features of Phenylsilanes:

Purity and Quality: OSI Phenyl Silanes are manufactured with a commitment to purity and quality standards, ensuring consistency and reliability in every batch.

Versatility in Organic Synthesis: Serve as versatile intermediates in organic synthesis; Enable the introduction of silicon-containing moieties into organic molecules, enhancing the functional diversity of compounds.

Carbon-Silicon Bond Formation: Act as efficient coupling agents for the formation of carbon-silicon bonds; Facilitate the attachment of silicon-containing groups to other organic compounds, expanding the range of potential applications.

Aromatic Properties: The incorporation of a phenyl group adds aromatic properties to the molecule, influencing reactivity and applications in diverse contexts.

Packaging and Availability: Available in various packaging options to accommodate different scales of operations; Prompt and reliable delivery to meet the demands of your production schedule.

Phenyl Silanes Application

Phenylsilane (PhSiH3) may be used as a reducing agent for the partial reduction of phosphine oxide groups in poly(4,4′-diphenylphenylphosphine oxide) (PAPO) to phosphine. It can also undergo photopolymerization with methyl methacrylate(MMA) to form poly(MMA) containing SiH groups. PhSiH3 may be used as a silicon source to synthesize crystalline Si nanowires via Au-nanocrystal-seeded supercritical fluid-liquid-solid (SFLS) synthesis.

Why Choose OSI Phenylsilanes:

OSI is a trusted name in the field of organosilicon chemistry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation.

Our Phenyl Silanes are designed to provide optimal performance, making them a preferred choice for researchers and industry professionals.

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OSI Phenyl Silanes are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of industries relying on advanced organosilicon compounds. Phenyl Silanes, featuring a silicon atom bonded to a phenyl group, demonstrate exceptional versatility and play a crucial role in various chemical and industrial applications.

For inquiries, samples, or additional information, please contact our dedicated sales team. Unlock the potential of organosilicon chemistry with OSI's Phenylsilanes – Your Partner in Advanced Solutions. Contact Us Now!

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