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Thermal Gap Fillers
Thermal Gap Fillers

Thermal gap fillers from OSI are flame retardant, thermally conductive silicone. They are a smooth, non-sagging paste that easily conforms to the complex shapes of any interface design. The cured product creates a thermal path that efficiently dissipates heat from electronic devices. Softness is retained after curing, which maximizes stress relief during thermal cycling.

What are Thermal Gap Fillers?

Thermal gap fillers are a type of thermal interface material that is used to fill gaps between two surfaces to improve heat transfer. They are typically made of a soft, compliant material, such as silicone or urethane, that conforms to the surfaces it is placed between.

Thermal gap fillers are used in applications where there are uneven surfaces or gaps between two components, such as between a heat sink and a microprocessor or in EV batteries. By filling these gaps, thermal gap fillers can improve the thermal conductivity between the two surfaces, reducing the thermal resistance and improving the heat transfer.

OSi is a leading manufacturer of thermal gap fillers, offering high-quality solutions for various applications. Our products are designed to provide effective heat transfer and protection for electronic devices. Request a thermal gap filler sample.

Key Features of Thermal Gap Fillers

● High thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance

● Low stress assembly

● Good thermal stability

● Multiple thickness options, wide range of applications

● Fast, low temperature cure

● Non-adhesive, repairable

How Do Thermal Gap Fillers Work?

Thermal gap fillers are formulated in the lab and placed into electronic devices and systems to get into those small pockets of air, small gaps in space between hot components and a chassis or heat sink assembly. These gaps create thermal barriers to heat transfer due to the low thermal conductivity of air. Gap filler formulations provide the answer using their high thermal conductivity. They bridge what had been an air-filled interface. Gap fillers successfully transfer heat from sensitive components and help keep devices compliant and within prescribed heat limits.

Thermal Gap Fillers Applications: 

automotive electronics (ADAS, HEV, NEV, batteries, ECU, EMS, ITM, AC/DC), telecommunications, computer and peripherals, battery energy storage system, between heat-generating semiconductors and a heat sink, mechatronic drive systems, GaN Chargers

Why use OSI's Thermal Gap Fillers?

OSI is a leading thermal gap fillers supplier & manufacturer in China. For years, we've been solving complex challenges by offering thermal management materials, adhesives, and coatings. We deliver solutions designed to meet your specific needs, continuous process improvements and cost targets all while ensuring the quality you expect. 

With global manufacturing capabilities, our team delivers consistency and quality around the globe. This commitment to customers is why our products are on nearly every car in the world. Contact us immediately for a solution.

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