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Thermal Interface Materials
Thermal Interface Materials

Whether you're looking to manufacture a new type of thermal conductive materials or replace an existing one, OSI has the knowledge and expertise to develop an efficient manufacturing strategy to meet your quality, cost, performance, and delivery requirements.

With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, OSI thermal conductive interface materials are extensively used in Mainboards, VGA cards, Notebooks, DDR&DDR2 products, CD-ROM ,LCD TV, PDP products, Server Power products, Down lamps, Spotlights, Street lamps, Daylight lamps, LED Server Power products and others.

What are Thermal Interface Materials?

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) transfer heat between two or more solid surfaces to facilitate thermal management. Modern TIMs include phase change materials, gap fillers, thermal grease, and less compliant materials like thermally conductive hardware, adhesive films, and thermal rubber pads.

Importance of Thermal Interface Materials:

The modern electronics industry is constantly advancing toward higher power consumption and more integrated functions and miniaturization, resulting in a sharp increase in the power density of modern electronic devices. In fact, we have entered the era of 5G.

Therefore, efficient heat dissipation has become an even more critical requirement for the design of modern electronic packages. Thermal interface materials (TIMs) are widely employed to manufacture the most critical parts in the heat dissipation system, to cool and protect integrated circuit (IC) chips.

OSI TIMs are based on proprietary technologies of polymer matrices and thermally conductive fillers, enabling them to handle challenging heat dissipation issues with long-term reliability and low cost of ownership. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

How Do Thermal Interface Materials Work?

Materials formulated in the lab are manufactured and inserted between parts to enhance the thermal coupling. Most applications involve dissipating heat. When two surfaces are interfaced, rough surfaces create insulating air gaps between them. These gaps create thermal barriers to heat transfer due to the low thermal conductivity of air. Heat will transfer and be removed more rapidly because of the presence of an engineered material that has significantly higher thermal conductivity than the air in the interface. Thus, the silicone thermal interface material helps minimize the resistance of heat flow into, through, and out of an interface.

Thermal Interface Material Application:

Thermal interface materials are considered a significant element of any efficient thermal management system. These materials are widely used in consumer and industrial electronic systems to ensure efficient heat dissipation and prevent overloads of local temperature. Some industries where TIMs find applications include telecommunications, servers, gaming, automotive, and aerospace.

> Consumer electronics such as smart devices

> General electronics/semiconductor eg IGBT

> Automotive: EV, sensors, lighting

> LED lighting

> Clean Energy such as PV, wind turbine

OSI Thermal Interface Materials Wholesale

OSi Holding Limited develops advanced thermally conductive materials for businesses around the world. With over 10 years of research and development experience, OSI will ensure you always receive the highest quality thermal interface materials on the market. We’ve developed a comprehensive and extremely competitive product line including gap fillers, thermally conductive silicones, and immersion cooling liquid.

OSi is a world-leading thermal management manufacturer. OSI's research and development team provides superior thermal interface materials worldwide. We specialize in creating light and thin thermal management materials for high-powered modules. OSi has the ability to customize thermal conductive products to meet our customers' special requirements on advanced products. 

We continuously innovate thermal interface materials (TIMs) to meet the demands of the rapidly changing technological landscape. Find out more and request a quote today.

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