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Vinyl Silanes
Vinyl Silanes

OSI is worldwide leading organosilanes manufacturer for over 10 years. OSI Vinyl Silanes, also called vinylsilane,vinyl silane,ethenyl silane or vinyl silane coupling agent, is an organic chemical with the chemical formula C2H6Si, or CH2=CH-SiH3.

Vinylsilane refers to an organosilicon compound with chemical formula CH2=CHSiH3. It is a derivative of silane (SiH4). The compound, which is a colorless gas, is mainly of theoretical interest.

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Functions & Applications of Vinyl Silanes

◎ Vinyl silane is used as a coupling agent, adhesion promoter, and crosslinking agent.

◎ Vinyl silane is used for sulfur and peroxide cured rubber, polyester, polyolefins, styrenics, and acrylics, etc.

◎ Vinyl silane is used to copolymerize with ethylene for moisture induced coupling of polyethylene.

◎ Vinyl silane is used to graft to polyethylene for moisture induced coupling.

◎ Vinyl silane is used for surface treatment of mineral fillers in plastics.

Key Features of Vinyl Silanes

Enhanced Reactivity: OSI's Vinyl Silanes are designed for enhanced reactivity, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in organic synthesis and material science.

Versatility in Polymerization: As vinylsilanes, these compounds serve as valuable building blocks in polymerization processes, enabling the creation of polymers with tailored properties and functionalities.

Vinyl Silane Coupling Agent: Acts as a highly effective coupling agent in various industrial processes. OSI's Vinyl Silanes facilitate strong and durable bonds, enhancing the overall performance of composite materials.

Tailored Functionalities: The incorporation of vinylsilanes introduces unique functionalities to the molecules, allowing for precise control over the properties of synthesized compounds.

Quality Assurance: Our Vinyl Silanes undergo rigorous quality assurance processes, ensuring the highest level of purity and consistency in every batch.

Packaging and Accessibility: Available in convenient packaging options to suit the diverse needs of different industries. OSI ensures prompt delivery, guaranteeing that you have the materials you need when you need them.

OSI offers a series of vinyl silanes. For more details, please contact OSI customer service team.

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